Becoming a freelance makeup artist for mac

Training is all well and good, but the things you pick up from other artists day-to-day are invaluable. While I hated retail cosmetics at the end of the day, it is still just a sales job…all about the figures. And the pay? I made life-long friends through my job, built up my professional kit hefty discounts! So, the moral of that part is to get some good quality training, spend every weekend doing make up for family and friends asking for honest constructive criticism, get better… and then apply to every counter in every department store until you get a job working on new faces every single day.

Set yourself a time limit with goals to achieve in that time, then get out. After that, the world is your oyster. Now I write about beauty , make up and male grooming, I get to review products and treatments spa breaks are classed as work! As a result my product knowledge across a broad variety of brands is really strong. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs, do your research and become an expert!

How to become a freelance makeup artist

The opportunities are endless… if you make them. All sounds pretty good so far, right? This answer was unanimous across the board. So, you get the drift right? The end results of that ice cold location can be pretty worthwhile too…. Something else that cropped up more than a few times during my research was the seemingly never ending flow of new artists to an already saturated market. A lot of newly qualified artists work for free, is that right?

Unfortunately, like with anything, sometimes it can be a case of who you know, not what you know.

New Arrivals

Social media and marketing yourself are a must. Also keep in contact with other artists you studied with or have worked with. Another way to get some experience and images is to do test shoots with up and coming photographers and stylists, all working for free collectively to produce something great. I peered through the sitting room window and all the neighbours were gathered outside, I knocked on the window and a few of them just looked at me weirdly and looked away.

Zuca is our bag of choice… and Peroni our beer …. Thanks for this inspirating post! Nadia you are absolutely right about every single thing…and the retail part…. Can you please tell more about zuca bag? Have you got picts how it looks inside??

How to become a freelance makeup artist

Did you try trolley one? I left a full time job last year to pursue my dream to become a full time freelance make-up artist. I find it really tough to stay positive when I have very little work coming in a lot of the time, but then feel really excited about jobs that I do get which, reassures me that this IS what make me happy. If I could just get more of it. Truly inspiring and I agree with every word it has answered many questions and doubts I am beginning to feel about the whole industry. Its good to know that it is a universal feeling for all MUAs having ups and downs, struggles and then rewards that make it all worth while.

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Color Consultant 2. Beauty Advisor 1. Makeup Artist Sales Associate Cashier 7.

How to be a SUCCESSFUL freelance MUA - Tips and tricks + GRWM

Beauty Advisor 6. Artist 5. Internship 5. Customer Service Representative 5. Assistant Manager 4. Server 3. Counter Manager 3. Receptionist 3.

Office Assistant 3. Administrative Assistant 3. Graphic Designer 3. Manager 2. Store Manager 2. Graphic Artist 2. Business Manager 2. Volunteer 2. Esthetician 2. Artist 8. Graphic Designer 6. Esthetician 4. Customer Service Representative 3. Cashier 3.

Graphic Artist 3. Stylist 3.

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