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This page tells you how to compose a useful bug report. See some videos of the hundreds of screen savers that comprise the XScreenSaver collection, and descriptions of each. Get the latest version here. Hi all! I am an experienced Mac user but yet to have figured out one thing.

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I've seen many threads but they all are several years old and may no longer be relevant. However, does anyone know if it's possible to have 2 separate screensavers on 2 different monitors?

I'm running High Sierra on a iMac Please help! Thanks in advance, -msg7. AFAIK, yes. I honestly am not sure if it is handled the same on iMac. Apple fanboy macrumors Nehalem. Feb 21, 33, 22, Behind the Lens, UK.

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The window pops up for changing the wallpaper but not the screensaver. Still trying to look for solutions. Thanks anyways! Reactions: msg7. Darnit; I mistook you saying Screensaver for "wallpaper".

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My bad, haha. Totally not sure about that one.

Jul 30, 1, Colorado. Want to make your snoozing Mc look like a couple of AppleTV sitting on your desk?

macOs Tutorial - How to Get Retro Flip Clock Screensaver For Mac and Windows Tutorial 2019

Best of all, you can probably drop any MOV file in the folder and it should play it. Another, similar one is SaveHollywood s. Any of the movie formats dropped in a a folder, choose the folder in the options and it will randomly play these on one, or both monitors. It will even play audio or it can be muted.

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