Sync windows phone 8 with mac calendar

Moving over your contacts, calendars and email

It requires MacOS Similarly, content within iPhoto can also be synced. I tried and it worked, but I found it easier simply to sync my iCloud contacts and calendars with Google on my Mac and then use Google as my default contacts provider on Windows Phone.

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This is of particular importance to those users who need to use a Windows Phone for work, so that way they can access Microsoft Office content. On the Mac desktop, Microsoft has a Skydrive app that allows you to synchronize content directly with Skydrive. This is a free app at the Mac App store and also requires Lion.

How to AUTO SYNC Photos, Contacts, Notes, Calendar Between iPhone, MAC, PC, iPad, iPod

Skydrive is also available on the web, iOS and Android platforms. One feature that Skydrive is lacking compared with iCloud is the ability to be triggered by IFTTT and make some pretty sophisticated recipes.

Can't sync calendar and contacts with my phone or tablet

To simulate some of the features of Photostream, pictures taken on your Windows Phone 8 can automatically upload to your Skydrive and then you can use the IFTT recipe to move content from your iPhone into Skydrive and do other functions such as sync with Dropbox. Top cloud-based apps are available on Windows Phone such as Dropbox and Evernote as well as apps for social media and popular games, although options are much more limited in the Windows Phone store compared to iOS or Android.

One nice feature of the Windows Phone store is the My Family option that offers parental control of what can be purchased directly from the web rather than the device-specific options Apple currently offers.

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While some Mac users might turn up their nose at a Windows Phone, the fact remains that it is another phone platform Mac users might need or want to interact with. No big deal — it DOES work. Same goes for Photos. All of your photos, broken up by event, or in albums — not once they land on your phone.

Easy way to sync Outlook Calendar with Mac OS X for free

I bought my Lumia since the 5S were not available still without a wait and I needed a phone… I bought it expecting to hate it — and I was completely surprised by my experience. There are plenty of examples of its growing market share — and for good reason.

This is good for both Apple and Microsoft. Glad that the best PC you can buy can easily support other phones than the iPhone.

And if you know what your doing you have less safety restrictions than in windows. SyncMate is a universal tool that allows syncing data on your Mac with Android devices - phones or tablets.

Windows Phone App: Microsoft’s version of iTunes

Free version will sync your contacts and calendars between Mac and Android devices. Expert paid version allows syncing images, videos, music, folders, reminders, bookmarks and much more between Mac and Android. More information about Android and Mac sync can be found here. Syncing will happen in the background, so nothing will distract you from work.

How to sync Outlook Calendar with Mac

SyncMate requires OS X So what is SyncMate? How to sync Android calendar with Mac? Once the installation is complete, launch the application to display the main window. Choose Android device.