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Want to learn how to animate in Toon Boom Harmony? Then try the following top course on BloopAnimation. Toon Boom Animation Course. You can also take a look at some of the other best Toon Boom Harmony courses out there. Moho Pro v12 is a hugely popular and affordable 2d animation software primarily designed for the Flash-style animator, but with new tools that allow for frame-by-frame drawn animation as well.

Its bone system and in-betweening functions are some of the best out there, especially for the price. There is also an automatic lip-syncing function, a Smart Warp tool allowing easy manipulation of any image, as well as 3D cameras and physics for simulations and effects. There are two versions of the program, Moho Pro , and Moho Debut. The Pro version is the whole kaboodle and designed for the pro or budding amateur. Want to save money and buy an older version? Get Anime Studio Pro v11 from Amazon.

It allows you to do traditional frame-by-frame drawn animation as you would normally do on a lightbox. You can draw directly into the program or, if you prefer, do your drawings on paper first and then scan them in to do your clean up and ink and paint in FlipBook. Read our full review of v2 here. An interesting program from the makers Reallusion , CrazyTalk Animator 3 takes a slightly different approach to traditional 2d animation than you might be used to seeing.

Not only does it come with a large library of pre-made characters, designs and movements, but it also allows you to import 3d motions and add them onto your 2d characters. So, for example you could animate a character in a 3d program like Maya, or even get hold of some motion capture data, and then simply apply that to your 2d character in the CrazyTalk software, which produces some really interesting and quite unique results.

You can also do South Park style animation really easily in it too. You can download a trial version here. We recommend their Harmony Essentials version. To find out more, read our in-depth review of Harmony 12 here. Back to Toon Boom again and their Studio software. You can use it in a traditional way drawing on paper first, then scanning your drawings into the software , or even to do Flash-style animations.

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The bones feature of the software means you can create a simple skeleton for your characters and move their body parts individually, instead of having to make new drawings every frame. We recommend their Harmony Advanced version. To find out more, read our in-depth review of Harmony 12 here The Animate software from Toon Boom builds on their Studio program and is really the next level up, designed for professionals or those looking for the high-end tools and effects. The 3D and multi-plane camera effects make this a great piece of software, but the price may be prohibitive to some.

We recommend their Harmony Premium version. To find out more, read our in-depth review of Harmony 12 here As the name suggests Animate Pro is the super-high end professional version of the Animate software mentioned above. It does all that Animate can do as well as a number of other effects, more powerful cameras, compositing tools, as well as cinema size output, and 3D stereoscopic capabilities.

This then is for the really serious professional or studio looking for specific tools.

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This is obviously reflected in the price. It is mostly used by professional studios and as such is comprised of four separate modules which reflects the different departments:.

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This along with the organisation tools make it very easy to duplicate frames and creatively put together your animation. CelAction 2D is an animation software in the vein of Adobe Flash and Toon Boom Studio where you rig up a drawn character and animate its skeleton, rather than drawing individual frames. Either way, if Flash animation is your thing this software does contain many effects and tools to make your like easier like IK Inverse Kinematics and lip-syncing tools, as well as a large number of effects and a variety of output options all the way up to cinema size.

Geared towards professionals and studios, this is reflected in the price which, for the Studio version is based on a rental:. Developed in France, TVPaint Animation is designed for the professional and hobbyist animator who wants to use the traditional techniques of hand drawn animation but with the added ability of using painterly effects. The drawing and paint tools are really extensive and allow you to do all sorts of styles including watercolour, gouache, and felt-tip. It is however, quite expensive, so really will only be used by pros or those who have a decent budget to spend on their hobby.

It was also known as Mirage at one point too. Want to learn how to animate in TVPaint?

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TVPaint Animation Course. They will continue to develop and market Toonz Premium as their flagship product, and I will update when I know more about the new version. Toonz from Digital Video in Italy is used by a number of professional studios the most famous of course being Studio Ghibli in Japan. There used to be two different products — Toonz Harlequin and Toonz Bravo, but they have now merged into Toonz Premium , which is a top-end software designed for traditional and paperless workflows. They also sell a scaled-down Toonz LineTest program which is set up for scanning and testing your drawings before colouring.

If anyone has used it please let me know in the comments below.

There is a demo version to try out which you can request here the web page is a bit mids basic, but does the job :. However, over the years other programs like some of those above Toon Boom, Moho Pro, and CelAction 2D have developed programs that are more animator-friendly and designed for film and tv output with more effective camera tools and effects, in some cases at a much lower price. Want to learn how to animate in Flash Adobe Animate? Flash Animation Course.

One of its biggest features is the ability to do real-time animation based off of a live-action performance.

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So, with the use of a simple web cam you can track your own face and the software will automatically mimic your actions onto a character in real-time — including dialogue. This is pretty amazing for doing live broadcasts, school projects or business promos. The program comes with some template characters that you can use right out of the box or you can design your own in Photoshop or Illustrator, and then import them into the program.

CACANi is a fairly new program in the 2d animation space the company was only established in , but has become increasingly popular both among hobbyists and professionals. The company and developers are based in Singapore, and the program is particularly popular in Asia especially among anime and manga enthusiasts. However, its toolset means it can be used by any 2d animator. Speaking of the tools, they are very impressive. The UI User Interface is clear and straightforward too. The CACANi animation software is very affordable and offers multiple pricing options, from a one-time perpetual license, or a subscription-based model ranging from 30 days up to a full year.

Developed by the Japanese company Celsys as with RETAS Studio above , Clip Studio Paint has rapidly become one of the hottest and most popular digital painting programs on the market, and a tool of choice among manga and comic book artists. The excellent drawing capabilities are basically the same on both versions, but where they differ is on the animation side — EX has unlimited frames, while PRO is limited to a maximum of 24 frames.

However, neither version has audio support, so you will need to export your animation and add it on via a third-party program like After Effects. I was really impressed with this and at such a low price I think it has definitely earned a solid place on this list. Pretty much as the name suggests, these animation programs are completely free to download and use — no licenses or purchase necessary.

As such, if you have a problem with them it may not be easy to get a fix or find a solution, but in most cases this is irrelevant since most of the programs are fairly stable and have a reasonably large user-base. This makes it very easy to use on even a small laptop or tablet. Being Open Source, the Pencil software is completely free to download and use. The interface is very clear and easy to use particularly if used any type of paint program in the past like Photoshop. Plastic Animation Paper , or PAP for short, is a free to download animation software that has a really impressive toolset.

It allows you to do classic style drawn animation right in the program itself — no need to scan any drawings. However, this will be a paid program when it is finally released.

Synfig is a vector-based, free and open source animation program that is ideal for those looking to do Flash-style animation rather than traditional frame-by-frame drawn animation.