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Browse with Brave. Learn more. However, this project has View full description. CONS May block some sites from working properly if not configured.

Softonic review Adblock is a powerful ad-blocker extension for Google Chrome browser to help block ads from interrupting your browsing. Adblock Plus for Chrome Customisable and powerful ad-blocking tool. Microsoft Silverlight Microsoft's answer to Adobe Air. Adblock Plus for Safari Customisable and powerful ad-blocking tool.

Adblock Block ads in Google Chrome. Download Adblock for Google Chrome 3. Free Download for Mac. User reviews about Adblock Review. Any Video Converter Pro. Parallels Transporter.

TurboCollage Lite - Collage Creator. Learn - Photoshop Elements 10 Editor Edition. Mail for Gmail. Free Download Manager for Mac.

Not using Safari?

This means Ghostery will not function on trusted sites, which will continue to show ads and make revenue. This may or may not have a visible difference on your page and may accidentally break the site. You can pause or unpause Ghostery at any time without having to uninstall it. In Detailed View, all the parts of Simple View are moved to a sidebar on the left. The main area now lists every type of advertising or tracking element identified on the page, as well as which ones were automatically blocked.

In Detailed View, you can choose to block additional elements that have been identified but not removed. Functionality : We found Ghostery to be exceptional at removing ads and hidden trackers. During our tests, when Ghostery was disabled, it would typically identify more elements on the page than it was able to block when it was re-enabled. For example, competitor uBlock Origin lists on every page how many ads it blocks — and what percent of the total elements on the page that actually is.

Ghostery also allowed pages to load noticeably faster. It took 3. Once enabled, this dropped to just 1. Similar results could be found on Yahoo dropped from 4 seconds to 1. It has also updated in revenue-making practices — in earlier versions, users could opt-in to share their data about ads they encountered on the web.

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Some people thought their data was being shared indiscriminately, which is false. Newer versions of Ghostery have made this clearer. Instead, users can now choose to opt into or out of Rewards, which is a form of affiliate marketing. The Rewards tab of the Ghostery extension will offer users who enable the service specialized shopping deals and is meant to be genuinely useful.

The project went through several name changes as different people contributed or modified it, but the most advanced version and the one sustained by the original creator is uBlock Origin. The icon will sit as a small badge in the top right of your browser, with a small counter for the number of ads blocked. If you click this, it will bring up a small window with details.

The large power button can be pressed to temporarily disable uBlock Origin. Directly below is a statistic counter for how many ads have been blocked. The all-time rates below show how many ads have been blocked since install.

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  6. As you can see, I have used uBlock origin for a quite a long time to enjoy 20, ads being blocked. These are simply counted as part of the total. These buttons are site-specific. While they are fairly self-explanatory, it is important to note that the Cosmetic Filtering and Remote Font options are meant to help users who have difficulty reading pages rather than blocking ads. Also, the Disable JavaScript button is very indiscriminate and will reduce many sites to text only or simply blank pages.

    As you can see, the page completely broke rather than simply removing ads. If the blocker happens to have missed an ad on the page, you can remove it yourself. This is very easy to do.

    Adblock Plus for Chrome

    This will cause the rest of the page to be greyed out, and a yellow box will appear over the item you want to remove. Once you click, the page will revert to normal — and the offending ad will be gone. Special note: by default, uBlock Origin whitelists YouTube, so you will still see ads. You can change this by opening the extension settings and simply removing that entry from the whitelist.

    It removes all ads before and during videos. AdBlock is an incredibly popular extension. It has widespread use across all browsers and has been around a long time. The extension features a very simple interface without too many frills, but it gets the job done. While it is free, when you first install it, a window will open prompting you to donate to the project. This is completely optional, as you can simply close the tab and continue about your day, but it is used to support the team behind this plugin.

    The best ad blockers for Chrome

    Once installed, AdBlock appears in the top right of your browser with all your other extensions. It looks like a small red hexagon with a white hand. A small badge counts the number of ads blocked on the page. If you click this icon, you will be shown a simple menu with a few options:. You can easily whitelist a site, or choose a specific element to remove. This can be changed in settings at any time. In our tests, AdBlock missed a few things likely due to the acceptable advertising setting that uBlock Origin and Ghostery both caught on on a site we used to test, so it was easy to try out the element blocker.

    However, when I refreshed the page, the ad was gone. Overall, AdBlock is a safe and simple ad blocker available on a wide variety of browsers that attempt to support the open web while still making it safe for you to use. It is not the premium version of another ad blocker or a special edition.

    AdBlock Plus is its own application. The extension uses the blacklist and acceptable advertising model to block ads — which means like AdBlock, you will likely continue to see many ads unless you adjust your settings. As you move your cursor, sections of the page will be highlighted in yellow. This is obviously a bit unethical since you install an adblocker to get rid of ads. However, because you can turn off the Acceptable Ads feature at any time, this is less of a make-or-break feature. You can decide for yourself if other AdBlock Plus features outweigh this caveat.

    Privacy Badger is a unique extension. It is not a traditional ad blocker, and will not automatically block ads on the pages you visit. Instead, it functions more on a need-to-block basis. If you use a standard ad blocker in addition to Privacy Badger, the extension will still function but it will learn more slowly.

    Adblock for Mac - Download

    Additionally, at the end of the list is a section that includes all the domains on the page that have been allowed to appear because they agree not to track when pinged. Aside from this, the extension appears to be a decent ad blocker. These are the default settings:. This window pops up as soon as you install the ad blocker, so you can immediately change these to be much more useful. The bottom two options are best left disabled if you want the most secure and clean pages.

    I found this a bit confusing and allowed whatever it set the default to. What exactly was happening was never clarified, but it did successfully remove the ad as shown below. AdGuard might be a good choice for users who want to install the paid app on their computer and use the extension as an arm of the software. But if you just plan on using the extension alone, you might be better off with one of the other choices. Made specifically to block pop-up ads, Poper Blocker is lightweight and simple.

    It has one job, and only one job, which can be both good and bad depending on what you need. Most browsers already have a built-in, and enabled by default, option to block pop-ups on all pages. Theoretically, Poper Blocker could fill in any gaps, but it might never have the opportunity to do so. For example, when enabled on popuptest.