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Bridge Baron Bridge Software. Bridge Baron participates annual in Computer Bridge World Championships where it has historically reached top positions: 1, 4, 7, 5, 5, no entry in , 2 , in and More recently it earned Silver in , Bronze in , and Bronze in Bridge Baron is available for Mac as well as Windows. Website: www. Blue Chip Bridge participated in Computer Bridge World Championships where it reached the following positions: 5, 6, 6, 6, 6, 7, 6, 6 and 6. Jack : Bronze Medal Silver Medal Gold Medal Bronze Gold Jack is the a times World Computer Bridge Championships Gold medalist — , , , , , , , , and Jack has not entered the championships since.

Praised for its user friendliness.

Bridge Base Online

Micro Bridge, Japan : Silver Silver Although the Japanese never managed to win gold, Micro Bridge is always a top-finisher. In the early years of computer bridge Bridge King predecessor of Q-Plus participated in the Computer Bridge World Championships where it finished 3 in , 1 in , 3 in Gold Gold WBridge5 won the World Championships for the first time in In WBridge won its first Gold.

Since then WBridge is always in the top 4, and is the reigning champions winning gold in and Bokil tcs. They are entered in the Championships. Entered in the championships, Meadowlark Bridge is being developed by Rodney Ludgwig, rod fmendoscopy. Website features an App. Robo Bridge has participated in the World Championships a few times now, winning a Bronze medal last year. Shark Bridge has been around for a while and continues to develop its software and interfaces.

Goto Bridge iPhone iPad and Android as well as download software options. Lessons, practice and competition directly at home. Play against robots. A popular bridge app is now one that allows players to play against robots. The beauty of this is you can pull out your phone anytime anywhere and play a few hands.


Practice your game on the go! With most of these apps you can play in a variety of games, formats, and even tournaments. Sky Bridge Club — your friendly online bridge club. Play against Robots. BridgePro : Android only.

The World’s Top Bridge Playing Software

Random Deal Generator. Connects to BBO servers.

Bridge Software/Apps comes in 4 varieties:

Play against people or robots. Watch live play.

Bridge Base Online for PC and MAC

Based on the best-selling computer bridge software Bridge Baron. Runs on Android and iOS. Apps need to be purchased. Preset deals from tournaments need to be purchased. Play with people or robots.

Multiple languages including Chinese, French, German and Spanish. Free with a lot of interesting pre-loaded hands from past tournaments. Play robots, or play with people. Choose from four different ways to play: in a competitive league, in a direct challenge with a friend, in a historical tournament comparing yourself with the best of the best, or in a quick blitz.

Create your profile, find and make friends and even join or form a club. Some money play.

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Free download. After that purchase a batch of hands or a Lifetime subscription.

Totally Bridge — from Great Game Products. Enjoy one-on-one fun and play bridge against the computer, features will make Totally Bridge your 1 favorite bridge card game. PBN ,. DLM , or bridge base online.

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LIN file, or wish to input a deal manually, you can access it by clicking on the button below. Alternatively, try it out on one of these sites that already utilise BSOL. Bridge Solver Online is designed for easy integration with bridge club websites. The double dummy solver library is integrated into an executable CGI module hosted on a web server.

The user interface is browser based and can run on any desktop, tablet, or mobile device that supports a modern browser. BSOL provides the same makeable contract and optimum contract calculation, and interactive double dummy play, that is available in the android app and Windows desktop versions. BSOL has initially been integrated into BridgeWebs , which hosts websites for more than bridge clubs worldwide. It is therefore a straightforward matter to integrate a hand replay function into results pages on other bridge club sites.