Network between windows 7 and mac

First of all, your Windows and Mac computers should be part of the same workgroup. Then, file sharing needs to be appropriately set up on all network computers. Here are a some guides to help you:. This procedure won't work if the user accounts you defined on your Windows computers have no password set.

You must set a password for them, in order to access their shared folders successfully. If the Mac OS X is not picky, all should work well if all the prerequisites are met.

How to Set Up Your Network for PCs and Macs

To access a shared folder from a Windows 7 or Windows 8 computer, open the Finder. Depending on how file sharing was set, you might need to press Connect As and enter the user name and password of a user account that has access to the folders shared on that Windows computer. If you are connecting to a Windows 8 computer, select Registered User , type the email address of the Microsoft account you are using on it, its password and hit Connect.

If you don't want to enter the log in details each time you connect to that computer's shared folders, check the box which says "Remember this password in my keychain" , before you connect. You can browse the shared folders you want to access and work with them as if they were local folders.

[TUT]Come mettere in rete Mac e Windows (How to create a network between Mac and PC)

In theory, sharing files and folders between Windows computers and Macs should not be a hard thing to do. However, it can happen that, even if you meet all the prerequisites detailed in this tutorial, accessing Windows shared folders still doesn't work. Apple's OS X is picky like that when it comes to networking with non-Apple operating systems and devices. The last thing you could do is to map a Windows shared folder in OS X, so that OS X remembers the login credentials and the exact IP address of the Windows computer you are trying to access.

This tutorial can be found in the list of articles recommended below. Do you love the new processors from AMD Ryzen series? You already have a desktop PC with a Ryzen processor, and you want to know whether you should also buy a new motherboard alongside your new processor? If you have a motherboard with the previous X chipset, here is a detailed performance comparison against the newer X chipset for the AMD Ryzen processors.


We used the AMD Ryzen 5 X processor to run several tests and benchmarks on motherboards with these two chipsets. Our goal was to see if buying a new motherboard brings meaningful performance differences vs. All these methods work in all modern versions of Windows. So, if you want to learn how to find the shared folders on your Windows computer or how to find the path of a shared folder, read on:.

Getting Windows 7 and Mac OS X to Play Together

One of the many creative options built into Windows is the ability to record and play multimedia files of all kinds. Authenticate by the user-name and password. To fix this there are a couple of options. Case 1, your server is nothing more than a regular file server. Case 2, your server is also a Domain Controller.

Article - How to share files between

Reboot your sever, and you should be good to go. Related wikiHows. References www. Is this article up to date? Yes No.

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