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Full instructions at his blog: Turn Wii Rock Band Instruments into Real Instruments with Junxion junXion is wonderful, though that EUR75 stings here thanks to the weak US dollar and the fact that we have fewer grants and have to pay for health insurance and hospital visits and whatnot. Other Rock Band controller tips?

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Hey all, I did some searching in the forums and found nothing so I decided to make my own post. It's not white, but it is wireless, so I assume it was for Rockband 2 2nd Gen Drums. I just put batteries in it and all seems to be well, the lights flash, etc etc. I do not own a wii nor any wiimotes. I want to turn this drum set into a midi controller. I've downloaded a trial of Osculator but I can't get it to recognize the drum set.

has anyone used rock band drum pad in logic? - Logic Pro Help

The set itself has bluetooth capabilities, no? I don't understand why Osculator can't discover the bluetooth drums. The OSX native bluetooth discovery program in system preferences also can't seem to find the controller. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Do I need a wiimote, or maybe a bluetooth dongle?

If you'd like to just get it done, then read on! We'll just unscrew the main board, and replace it with our Arduino. The first image here explains how our piezos need to be hooked up to the Arduino.

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The second image is the schematic of the shield on a protoboard. Then we'll take our resistors and connect it to a common ground. We'll also add one more pin header for the MIDI port, as drawn in the schematic. This step is for Guitar Hero World Tour controllers only - Since we're reusing the MIDI port on the back panel of this controller, We'll need to make a slight modification to the back panel board.

Snap our new shield onto the Arduino, then plug in all the piezos into the pin headers. Fire up a digital audio workstation like FL Studio and give it a go. That's all there is to it! If you liked this instructable, then perhaps you'll like some of my other projects! Did you make this project?

Step 2: What You'll Need

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