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Although there are a number of ways that chemical structures can be drawn based on individual preferences, our journals aim to use consistent styling wherever possible. ChemDraw is a very established chemical drawing package that probably set the standard for publication quality chemical drawing. However, on the Mac platform in particular I think it is true to say Cambridgesoft have taken their eye off the ball and released versions that were not up to their usual standard. ChemDraw 17 is in someways a fresh beginning you can read the full review here.

Executive Summary: Version 8 is the largest update to the ChemDoodle Web Components library to date. The sketcher has seen significant work, with new drawing tools rings, chains, templates, atom label tool, more. Condensed labels with abbreviations are now supported, for advanced chemistry. New 2D shapes include dynamic brackets, atom mappings and variable attachment points, while molecular surfaces vdW, SAS, Connolly can now be generated and rendered in 3D components. The shader system used by the 3D components has been dramatically improved for much faster performance and new improvements added like gamma correction and a deferred shader has been implemented to provide advanced graphics techniques like outlining, software antialiasing and screen space ambient occlusion.

Shadows can now be rendered in 3D scenes. The entire website has also been improved, with new advanced tutorials for working with the sketcher to listen to user changes, or show off an advanced in browser sketcher interface that mimics the desktop software, for instance. A new iChemLabs Cloud service allows developers to match entire mechanisms for educational eBooks and advanced reaction databases.

There is a lot in this update, please see the links below for more information. Full details of the update https: As highlighted recently SketchEl2 a chemical drawing package is now open source.

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The SketchEl 2 project is underway as a desktop app, based on web technology and delivered as an Electron package. The GitHub repository is now public, on account of there being enough functionality to be arguably useful. This is a very early release, so do be ready to give some useful feedback if you feel so inclined to try it out.

ChemBio3D Ultra 14 Suite

The repository can be found here https: Perkin-Elmer have just announced the ChemDraw Innovation Challenge - a forum designed to shape the future of Chemdraw. For the past 30 years, ChemDraw has been known around globe as the premier chemical drawing tool for chemists and biologists alike. We want to hear your ideas, suggestions for new features, new third-party applications we should integrate and more. The sky's the limit - big or small, all ideas are welcome! Molecule Viewers for iOS. Chemical Sketchers for iOS. PerkinElmer have announced that their iOS apps have been withdrawn. The related Flick2Share capability is also withdrawn from service.

Whilst it was reported that there were plans to build an Android version in nothing has seen the light of day. It seems they are now focusing on ChemDraw Cloud.

Installing 2D & 3D chemical structure software on a Mac?

If you already have ChemDraw or Chem3D installed they will continue to operate but the "flick2share" option will not function, it is unlikely that existing apps will be updated or supported in the future. Perhaps the most popular is ChemDoodle Mobile and is provided to you for free when you purchase ChemDoodle desktop. There are five main windows: Draw, 3D, Calculate, Spectra and Help. The Draw window shows a typical ChemDoodle sketcher, where you can draw and store your structures.

The 3D window allows you to view the drawn molecule in 3D. All spectra are interactive. Elemental is a free chemical drawing app from Dotmatics. This is actually the same chemical sketching application provided for all the Dotmatics products and as is used for drawing chemical queries in ChemSpider. It is also used int ElementalDB an iPad app that demonstrates substructure searching the 1. Molecule is a simple modern chemical structure editor. Allow to draw and share chemical structure. It provides a way to view and edit chemical structure diagrams on an iPhone, iPod or iPad.

The unique and innovative sketcher is optimized for the touchscreen interface, and allows professional quality molecular structures to be drawn quickly and efficiently.

The same drawing tool has been used in the Green Lab Notebook. Chirys Draw chemical drawing app for publication-quality molecular structures and reactions. Designed from the ground up for the iPad, Chirys Draw takes advantage of unique multi-touch capabilities to make drawing molecular structures and reactions easy and accurate. I just noticed that a new version of ChemDraw has been released. ChemDraw and ChemOffice I have no details on what issues have been addressed, hopefully the topic on the Cambridgesoft forum will provide more user experience.

Forum Topic: A new chemical drawing app SketchEl2 has been released. Although a few holdouts may disagree, Java is not the platform of the future for the desktop that ship sailed a long time ago. I am glad to announce the release of OSRA 2. Images can be pictures of single molecules or complete PDF documents with multiple pages of text and graphics. In addition to molecules OSRA can also recognize reactions, and, starting with this version, simple polymers.

'Brainchild' producer Jerry Kolber shares his favorite apps

The improvements in this version: Please note that if you are building from source the dependencies have changed. OSRA now requires poppler version 0. The patched version of OpenBabel is provided at the above url. OSRA no longer requires Ghostscript to be installed. There is a review of ChemDraw 16 over on Chemistry and Computers. A key feature is found-trip editing, wherein a user could make a drawing in one application, copy and paste the drawing into another application, and then later copy and paste back into the original application, and still be able to edit the drawing.

Generations of Mac users relied on this feature to go from applications like ChemDraw into PowerPoint and back again. It sounds like some interoperability has returned but it may depend on which versions of the various components you are running. Unfortunately round-trip editing appears to be broken in Pages, Keynote and Numbers. I see a new version of ChemDraw has been released.

The flyer suggests improved Mac support. ChemDraw 16 for Mac is 6x faster than previous versions and includes features such as: Initial comments suggest round-trip editing is now supported.

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No mention of Pages, Keynote, Open Office. A new update for the very popular chemical drawing application ChemDoodle has been released. Version 8. ChemDoodle 8. However, automatic update is not allowed for Mac OS X. You must manually update ChemDoodle by downloading the latest version of ChemDoodle from www. You must close ChemDoodle before re-installing the new version. Changes in ChemDoodle 8. For changes to version 8, scroll down.

ChemDoodle 8 is a massive update to ChemDoodle. Included are hundreds of new features and improvements, recommended to us by users like you. Enjoy and please spread the word! New Features.

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Word for Mac: I can't cut-and-paste an image from a vector drawing program I am a scientist and I routinely create images in a vector drawing program called ChemBioDraw. In past versions of Word, I was always able to copy these images to the clipboard and paste directly into the text of a document. With Word for Mac, all I get is many lines of gibberish code and no image.

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Am I missing something, or has the ability to handle vector graphics been eliminated from the program? A quick search of the ChemBioDraw support forum highlights several threads that appear to be about the same issue. Currently our products are not supported with MS Office The only thing I can suggest in the meantime is use the "Paste as PDF" functionality, this should allow display and round-trip editing.

I did a quick test with ChemDoodle and there don't seem to be any issues with this chemical drawing programme. The increasingly popular chemical drawing package ChemDoodle has been updated, this is a major update to an already excellent application. There also looks to be offers at the moment so this is a great time to purchase.

It is always interesting to note which scripts attract the most attention, often it is scripts that aid with relatively simple tasks. Among the Applescripts it is the script to simply print the clipboard.